Remembering Articles Permanently

At DM-Toys you can store the products you want in the depository – starting immediately. Simply press the button "Remember" in the "Product View" and the article is on its way to your personal watch list. All articles selected for your watch list can be transferred back to your shopping cart quickly and easily.

Please note: as soon as a product is sold out, it will be displayed as such in your watch list but cannot be moved into your shopping cart. So don't wait too long before purchasing some products!

Multiple Devices

If you're away from home and are looking through our list of articles with your smartphone, make a note of your favourites. You can then go through this list in more detail at your leisure on your PC when you get back home. For this, all you need is a free customer account login.

From the Product View

You will find the "Remember" function for every article right under the button for the shopping cart. This lets you remember articles without even stopping reading.

Out of the Shopping Cart

The contents of your watch list can be flipped open right underneath the shopping cart.

Of course, you can also transfer the article you want back and forth with just a single click. To do this, there is a storage symbol with a diskette on every product in the shopping cart  .

Visible Record

In addition, there will also be a content table – similar to your shopping cart – which will run on the right-hand of the page as soon as you have one or more articles in your watch list.