The Ordering Process

Depending on how you pay, the ordering process consists of 7 to 8 steps.

Shopping Cart


You start the actual ordering process from the shopping cart.

1) Altering the items

If required, you can alter the number of articles or even delete an entire item.

2) Selecting the Country of Destination

Please select the country to which the order is to be sent.

3) Selecting the Method of Payment

You can use several methods to pay for your order. The selection you make here cannot be altered at any stage during the rest of the ordering process without going through the entire process again.

4) Starting the Ordering Process

The “Checkout” button takes you to the second step:

Delivery Address


Depending on whether you are logged in or not, you can select the delivery and invoicing address here.

Please note that you cannot alter the country selected in the shopping cart. The "Country" in the shopping cart must be the same as that in the delivery address.

Please click on "Continue" for the next step in the ordering process.

Terms of Delivery


In this step you confirm your acceptance of the conditions of delivery.

Please click on "Continue" for the next step in the ordering process.

Right of Withdrawal


As a consumer (retail customer), you are entitled to cancel this order. Please confirm that you have understood this in the following step. As a commercial customer, you will see this page as well but it will not affect your order.

Please click on "Continue" for the next step in the ordering process.

Summary of Your Order


A summary of your order is displayed immediately before you actually place the order.

At this point, the order can no longer be changed. The order will be placed by clicking the button “Complete the order

It is only at this point that, by clicking the button, a binding order comes into effect.

Please note that, although you have placed an order, it may not yet have been paid for. If you are paying via PayPal or credit card, the payment process will then start.

Summary of Your Order


You will see a confirmation of your order on the screen and will simultaneously receive a corresponding email.

How the order proceeds now depends on the payment method you have selected:

When Paying via PayPal or Credit Card

A click on the button “Complete Payment Now” will take you to the website of the payment provider you have selected.

Please make your payment here. You will then be taken back to our website where you will receive a status display of your payment. As a rule, this means that the order process has been completed.

Should you not have been able to complete the payment procedure, you can go back to the shopping cart and select an alternative method of payment..

If Using Other Payment Methods

If you have selected another method of payment, this means the ordering process – if applicable excluding the payment procedure – has been completed.