LC-Box 5 Brandflackern

Art. Notams_53-02057-01
Manufacturer, Notams 53-02057-01
ConditionNew article
19.95 EUR
Fire and flame for the model railway

- Number of outputs: 6 (each max 100 mA current)
- for the connection of lamps or LEDs (via additional series resistors)

Connection of power supply and consumers:

- LC box: via PCB sockets and mini banana plugs (banana plug not included)

At the five outputs an irregular light pattern is generated. Connecting red and yellow lights to the outputs results in the typical flickering of a fire. LC module only: If the switching input is connected to ground, the program is terminated. If the input remains open, the program is constantly repeated.
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years! - tams 53-02057-01: LC-Box 5 Brandflackern. &status= share.php?p=facebook&u= - tams 53-02057-01: LC-Box 5 Brandflackern.