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LED headlightsyes
The filigree miniature fairy lights can be adapted to almost any purpose. Whether at your fair, fair, beer garden, weekly market, Christmas market, party tent, marquee or disco. With this product you can put your models in the right place.

Technical specifications:
Number of LEDs - 18 pieces
Distance of the LEDs - 10mm
Voltage - Connection to 12V to 16V DC or AC Pre-resistance and protection diode already integrated in each section.
Current consumption - approx. 10mA
Dimensions approx. - L x W x H (180mm x 1.4mm x 1.0mm)
Separating points - 2 pieces after each 6 LEDs
Connection cable - approx. 200mm long

The board of the fairy lights is highly flexible and colored black. The housing of the LEDs are colored in the respective luminescent color, so that the luminous elements "shine" even when switched off.

The fairy lights can be separated in different places and can be extended almost arbitrarily over the practical solder joints. A combination of different colors is possible. The remnants can of course be used without restriction.

The power supply can be done either from one end (see product images) of the board or left and right respectively, since the current-carrying tracks extend over the entire length on the top and bottom.
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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