2 channel mini indicators Blitzer B1 blue light control 13 programs

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Manufacturer, NoSchönwitz 01-03-03-46
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18.99 EUR
This little technical wonder is only 22x16mm and a real all-rounder.

Universally applicable for model or model railroad lighting, the MBM-B1 is well prepared.

The module has many predefined programs, so you do not have to set them up first. A program is however freely configurable.

The adjustable options are:
Order: L - R or L - R - L
Number of pulses: 1 - 10
Pause between pulses 1ms - 5s
Pulse length 10ms - 1s
Pause after a pulse sequence 1ms - 1s

Due to the numerous adjustment options, the small effect module from the police car or fire brigade to the position light of a quad copter can illuminate everything with the right lighting effect.

The size and weight of the board are kept very low, so the use should be possible in almost all models.

An overview of the basic programs:
1. Police LED1 fast (triple flash) - LED2 slow (single flash) (fixed setting)
2. Customizable mode (reciprocal)
- Customizable (menu items 2 - 6): (2) order (3) number,
(4) Pause between flashes, (5) Flash length, (6) Pause after flash
3. Official Police Flash Sequence - Mutual - (Setting Fixed)
4. ambulance (1 flash with break) mutually - customizable
- Customizable (menu items 4, 6): (4) Pause between flashes, (6) Pause after flash
5. Fire Department (3 flashes with break) (setting fixed)
6. US Police (6 flashes with break) customizable break
- Customizable (menu item 6): Pause after a flash
7. directional flashing light: both LEDs together 400ms / 400ms (fixed setting)
8. Faster reverse turn signal 300ms / 300ms (fixed setting)
9. Slow flashing light 500ms / 800ms (fixed setting)
10. Slow Blinking 50ms / 800ms (setting fixed)
11. Position Speed ??camera - very slow flashing 20ms / 1.5sec (fixed setting)
12. Slow change indicator 1.5sec / 1.5sec (fixed setting)
13. Very slow change indicator 1sec / 3sec (fixed setting)

The complete control takes place via 3 buttons on the module.
The settings are stored for over 20 years.

For installation or selection of the right program, the module has additional functions.
You can put the module in demo mode with a small key press.
Another combination will give you the lamp test mode.
A diagnosis of the lighting or its installation are thus considerably simplified.

This module is ideal for purposes such as:
lighting effects
Running lights
Case modding
advertising effects
light objects
Model / model trains

Technical specifications:
Type: MBM-B1
Total output with LEDs: 500 mA
Total output for incandescent lamps: 200 mA
Speed: finely adjustable
Indicator lights: 2 white function LEDs
Reverse polarity protection at the entrance: yes
Input voltage: 7 - 30 volts DC / 7 - 21 volts AC
Output voltage: DC - 0.75 volts of input voltage
Heat: almost no heat
Memory: saves the setting
Settings: fully configurable
Programs: 13 programs, 3 of which are freely adjustable
Additional functions: lamp test and demo mode
Pulse duration (flash duration): adjustable 10 - 1000 ms
Power consumption circuit: 5-10 mA
Weight: approx. 2.8g
Dimensions (H / W / D): 12 mm x 22 mm x 16 mm
PCB connector: RM 2,54 (servo connector)
made in: Germany
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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