Signal module

Art. NoRoco_10777
Manufacturer, NoRoco 10777
ConditionNew article
133.90 EUR

The signal module controls two light signals with up to four diff erent signal aspects each: Halting/switching ban (HP00), approach (HP1), operation with speed limit (HP2) and switching operation permitted (SH1) The signals
must either have 16-volt bulbs or LED with a common positive terminal: for example this is the case with light signals from Viessmann*4). The signal module reacts to commands from the multiMAUS, the RouteControl, the
older 10770 keybard and the Rocomotion. Another option is controlled by the track contacts: the track contacts make it possible to modify the signal aspects as desired for each signal separately. In this way it is quite easy
to automate, for example, block routes, without any additional relays! A special feature is the inputs for the brake generator 10779, which ensures exemplary, gentle stopping in separate track segments in front of signals
showing red. The address range of the signal module covers 1 to 256. Two ‘turnout’ addresses in direct succession are assigned per semaphore with quadrupled aspect signal. The dimensions are 90 x 84 x 24mm.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years! - Roco 10777: Signalmodul. 1:160&status= share.php?p=facebook&u= - Roco 10777: Signalmodul. 1:160