8-fold turnout decoder DCC

Art. NoRoco_10775
Manufacturer, NoRoco 10775
ConditionNew article
82.00 EUR

The turnout decoder can switch up to eight turnouts. If light signals are used, one needs one double-spool relay (Item no.: 10019) per signal. All outputs are short-circuit proof. Overall, the decoder can be loaded with up to 2A; this also applies to every single connection for the period of one second! The address range is between 1 and 256. The connection is made with two cables onto the two rail profiles. If a high output is required, of course it is possible to create one’s own supply network, which is supplied out of a booster of its own. There is a special solution for operating 10775 with the Lokmaus® 2/3. In this case the decoder can be programmed onto the locomotive address and four turnouts created by means of functions F1 to F4. Anyone using a multiMAUS or a RouteControl at a later date, can then use all eight turnout outputs again.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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