DCC + SX + Sound Diesel Locomotive BR218 Railsystems RP GmbH Ep.VI

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Prototype: General purpose locomotive 218 469-5 of Railsystems RP GmbH (RP). Diesel hydraulic locomotive with roof design suitable for the engine MTU 16V 4000 R40. With staggered exhaust gases. In current color ("nose art").

- Shape variant
- Digital sound with many features
- elaborate paint job

Model: Shape variant, new roof version for the representation of the 4th construction series. Built-in digital decoder and noise generator for operation with DCC, Selectrix and Selectrix 2. Motor with flywheel, 4 axles powered, traction tires. Headlamps and tail lights changing with the direction of travel, warm white LEDs, cab lighting, digitally switchable. Kinematics for Kuzkupplung. Set up handlebars. All functions can also be switched in digital format SX2. Length over putter 102 mm.
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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