Hanomag SS100 N tractor - unpainted

Art. NoMU_N-S00004
Manufacturer, NoModellbahn Union N-S00004
ConditionNew article
19.99 EUR
The Hanomag SS 100N is the successor of the Hanomag SS100 Gigant (Giant) and was produced between 1938 and 1951. Our model depicts the double cabin version (SS 100 LN). The six cylinder engine is capable of producing 100 Hp and could be fitted with a transmission capable of reaching a maximum speed of 35,40 or 45 km/h. The post war models were renamed from SS 100 LN to ST 100 LN.

Kristal Clear is the secret of perfect windows.
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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