16 meter turntable - hand operated

Art. NoMU_N-B00085
Manufacturer, NoModellbahn Union N-B00085
ConditionNew article
69.99 EUR

Product features Modellbahn Union N-B00085

Dimensions (L x B x H)129mm x 129mm x 15mm
Precise laser cut and 3d printing model of a 16 meter turntable. The model has a stage length of 100 mm, the installation depth is at least 15 mm.

These turntables were built during the national railway era and could be used for all of the currently active locomotives. Later, after the introduction of the standard locomotives, these hubs were only suitable for the smaller tender and tender locomotives. The model is hand operated, but it is designed to be retrofitted with a manual skill with a drive. Likewise, a motorized variant (digital and analog) is being planned.
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The kits are made true to the original using the latest laser technology. The production takes place completely in Germany with Modellbahn Union / DM-Toys in Issum. All components are cut from cardboard or wood with high precision in different thicknesses and allow a quick setup. The surfaces of the buildings are laser-engraved. By this method, the surface is absolutely realistic both in color and in scale. The wall elements are partly toothed lasered and can easily be plugged together and glued. Attractive packaging and detailed construction instructions complete the new product line.
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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