Steam Locomotive Train Pack

Art. NoKato_10-500-2
Manufacturer, NoKato 10-500-2
CategoryRolling stock
Railway companyprivat
ConditionNew article

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- Steam Locomotive (Unpowered)
- Small Green Coach (Powered)
- Small Green Coach (Unpowered)
- N.B.Set does not include track, controller or sound power pack.

With this Passenger train (the locomotive is modeled on a Bavarian D6 mountain, the carriages are based on Austrian carriages), Kato launched the successful series "Pocket Line" many years ago. The small 2-axle locomotive is relatively petite, since the drive is accommodated in the chassis of the first passenger car. The pulling power is good enough to be able to pull a further 3 wagons. The drive is made by a high-quality 5-pole Kato engine. With this model is the entry into the good, old steam locomotive. Easy to realize. For this train, there are currently still many Swiss, Austrian, Dutch, French and German museum railways and clubs.
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years! - Kato 10-500-2: Zugset mit Dampflok Vorbild bayrische D6. 1:150&status= share.php?p=facebook&u= - Kato 10-500-2: Zugset mit Dampflok Vorbild bayrische D6. 1:150