Electric locomotive ÖBB BR1189.05 crocodile brown Ep.III

Art. NoJaegerndorfer_JC62050
Manufacturer, NoJägerndorfer JC62050
CategoryRolling stock
Railway companyÖBB
ConditionNew article
from 269.91 EUR

Product features Jägerndorfer JC62050

Lenth over buffer (mm)129mm
Electrical systemSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
InterfaceElektrische Schnittstelle für Triebfahrzeuge nach NEM 651 mit Steckvorrichtung
CouplerSchacht NEM 355 mit KK-Kinematik
HeadlightsLichtwechsel weiß-weiß
Friction tyres2
Driven axles6
Revised model version 2019 with the following improvements over the 2018 series:
- Sprayed handles (more stable)
- Quieter driving noise, optimized driving characteristics

E-loco ÖBB BR1189.05 crocodile brown Ep.III

When the then Austrian Federal Railways (BBÖ) needed express locomotives for the ramps of the Arlbergbahn at the beginning of the 1920s, they resorted to the model of the proven SBB crocodiles, thus taking on the typical appearance of the two long, flat stems. The first copies were put into service in 1923, followed in 1927 a total of 16 more machines of this series. After connecting Austria to the German Reich in 1938, the Deutsche Reichsbahn described the crocodiles as E89 (1100) and E89.1 (1100.1). After the Second World War, the remaining machines came as ÖBB 1089 and ÖBB1189 to the re-founded Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Only in 1979, the locomotives were retired. After the war, some crocodiles were also used in Switzerland.

Model Features:
- all axles driven
- Light change white / white
- 5-pole motor
- NEM 651 decoder interface (6-pin)
- NEM shaft
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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