DCC Digital Dampflok BR 50 DB Ep.III

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Steam locomotive, class 50, of the German Federal Railways (DB), epoch III.

Special feature: locomotive with cabin tender. The model is factory fitted with a DCC decoder for digital operation.

Prototypically painted and labeled. Used windows. Cab interiors. Prototypical view between boiler and chassis. Mobile Heusinger control. Brake pads between the wheels. Die-cast metal chassis. Engine with flywheel. Drive in the tender on 8 wheels, 4 of them with traction tires. Three-light top lighting alternating with the direction of travel on both sides. Lok Tender close coupling.

Prototype: The various versions of the 50 series are simply innumerable. Particularly interesting is the variant with four domes, circulation plate with apron, Witte smoke deflectors and cabin tender. Typical for epoch III is the partially aluminum-colored lettering with DB biscuit. Until 1962, nearly 800 T50 BR 50s received a train driver's cab to save freight train vehicles. The cabin was in the middle of the tender, so the water box was extended to the rear beyond the buffer pile.
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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