Electric locomotive BR 250 DR Ep.IV

Art. NoArnold_HN2372
Manufacturer, NoArnold HN2372
CategoryRolling stock
Railway companyDR
ConditionNew article
from 170.91 EUR

Product features Arnold HN2372

Lenth over buffer (mm)123mm
Electrical systemSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
InterfaceElektrische Schnittstelle für Triebfahrzeuge nach NEM 651 mit Steckvorrichtung
CouplerSchacht NEM 355 mit KK-Kinematik
Headlights3-Spitzenlicht fahrtrichtungsabhängig / 2-Schlussleuchten, fahrtrichtungsabhängig Lichtwechsel weiß-rot
Electric locomotive class 250 of the DR, in "oleanderred" livery

Model with NEM 651 interface for receiving a digital decoder
Engine with flywheel
Three top lights / two taillights with direction-dependent color changes (white / red)
NEM 355 coupler pocket with short coupling kinematics at both ends of the vehicle
Switchable for overhead line operation
This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!
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