Look for & Find Articles


The Product Finder lets you find articles on the basis of their characteristics.

A results list is always published with restrictions but these are based on your choice/s. Important: after you have altered your selection, please give the page a moment to reload.


1) Search Term

Characteristics for which there are no tags, i.e. things you think might be in the description of the article, can be found with the section "Search Term".


2) All Products

This lists all products, thereby deleting all the restrictions previously specified in the Product Finder.

3) Selecting a Category

The results list is restricted to the category, manufacturer and railway organisation selected. Of these characteristics, there may only be one variation per article at all times.

4) Tags

Here, too, a results list is restricted but in this case, an article may have several characteristics. For example, a motor vehicle may be a truck and a construction vehicle. If you select details which exclude each other, the following text will be displayed:

0 products that suit your selection

This may occur when, for example, there are no articles from the manufacturer "DM-Toys" which possess the characteristics "Epoch I" or "Car". So when you remove the restriction "Epoch I" again, you will find the right products.


5) Sorting

If desired, the results list can be further sorted, for example by price.